• Limits and consequences shall be clear and understandable to your child, consistently
    enforced and explained to your child before and as part of any disciplinary action.

  • Discipline shall be delegated to the staff member having an ongoing relationship with your

  • Discipline shall be developmentally related and shall not be out of proportion to the particular
    inappropriate behavior.  For example; scolding children for honest mistakes such as spills and
    accidents caused by lack of coordination.

  • Discipline shall be related to the child's act, handled without bias and without prolonged delay
    on the part of the staff member involved so the child is aware of the relationship between acts
    and consequences.

  • Removal from the group to help a child gain control shall not exceed one minute per year of
    age.  Removal from the group shall not be used for children less than 24 months of age.  Firm
    positive statements about behaviors or redirection of behaviors shall be the accepted
    techniques for use with toddlers.

  • Children  will have a reasonable opportunity to resolve their own conflicts.

  • If there is an assessment of a child's pattern of unacceptable behavior, the entire staff shall be
    aware of the situation and cooperate in carrying out the specific plan developed for the child.

  • No child shall be subjected under any circumstance to corporal punishment inflicted in any
    manner upon the body.

  • No child shall be subjected under any circumstance to verbal abuse by any member of the staff.

  • No child shall be deprived of regularly scheduled meals or any part of the meal as punishment.

  • No child shall be punished for toilet accidents of any nature.

  • We strive to have open communication between our staff and parents, but if a discipline
    problem persists, we will meet with the parents and together work out a solution to  the
    behavior problem.

  • All children will be told of our everyday rules - such as no running in school.  The children will
    also have a say in making new rules.

Termination of a child's enrollment for extreme disciplinary issues:
  • Inform parents of excessive negative behavior and try to work on a solution together
  • Execute the plan together
  • If after a reasonable amount of time there is no improvement in your child's behavior, then your
    child will be asked to leave

Typical reasons for termination of enrollment:
  • Excessive or out of control violent behavior towards the other children or staff members
  • Excessive or out of control biting of other children or staff members
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