Please call Tom Thumb, 708-891-1181, for child care rates.

    Accepting Illinois Action For Children for families who qualify.  
                         (click link for more information.)

    Tuition is due in advance for a two week period.  The full amount will be due unless you have made
    arrangements to use the "Reservation Fee".


    You will be entitled to a reservation fee where you would pay half of your child's tuition for one
    week.  To qualify for this fee you must meet the following requirements:

    Vacation Time - You must notify us at least two weeks in advance and be gone for 5 consecutive
    days not counting weekends.

    Sick Time - Your child must be gone for 5 consecutive days not counting weekends and have a
    doctor's release to return.


     For every referral (child) sent to us and  enrolled for 30 days  at Tom Thumb you will receive 50.00
off your child care fee and the new enrollee will receive 50.00 off their child care fee.


    Your child must attend for a minimum of 4 days within a two week period.  It will be up to you to
    provide us with a weekly schedule of days that your child will need to attend.  This schedule needs
    to be turned in by noon on Thursday, for the following week.  We will try to be flexible for any last
    minute changes in your child's schedule if possible.  Please remember that you will be
    responsible for paying for the days for which you commit your child.

Tom Thumb Child Care and Preschool
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